2018 Speaker Announcement

View from Panel Makers about OLED Market

Dr. Chang Wook Han
Chief Research Fellow(VP) of LG Display

Dr. Chenggong Wang
Project Director of the Institute of
Advanced Display Technology in Visionox

Dr. James Lee
Deputy Chief Engineer of Guangdong Juhua Printed Display Technology Co., Ltd & TCL Corporate Research

Opportunities & Challenges of Printing OLED Technology for TV Application

Vision and Idea about Future Applications

Yoshihiro ono
General Manager of Product Development Department of Sony Visual Product Inc.

Designs for BRAVIA OLED TV and Expectations for large screen OLED devices.

Dr. Julian Chang
Assistant Director of Boeing Commercial Airplane


Opinions from Business and Industry Analysts

Dr. Choong Hoon Yi
Chief Analyst/President of UBI Research

Dr. Yasuo Nakane
Global Head of Technology Research/
Senior Analyst of Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd.

View on the Display Supply Chain Outlook

Abstract : To improve yields of their OLED devices, display manufacturers utilize a demura process which requires highly accurate and high-resolution luminance measurements. This paper presents results from a system consisting of two imaging photometers to maximize measurement accuracy and resolution.

Yole Développement

Emerging Technologies and alternative to OLED

Hyuncheol Soh
Head of Equity Display Sector Research Center of  SHINHAN INVESTMENT

Solution Process Technology, yet to come

Dr. Michael Hack
Vice President of Business Development of  UDC

Dr. Remi Anemian
Head of Global Technical Marketing OLED of  Merck

Dr. Jeff Hebb
Vice President of Kateeva

Yamada Takeshi
General Manager of PLED Business Planning Office of SUMITOMO CHEMICAL CO., LTD.

Printed Device Performance and its Fundamentals for Polymer-OLED Materials

Abstract : We will present the latest status of high performance OLED material development based on our conjugated polymer technology. We also show the comparison of the performance between ink-jet (IJ) and spin devices, and its theoretical fundamentals to obtain high performance in IJ printing.

New Performance Development from Major SCMs

Dr. Chung-Seock Kang
Vice President of Kolon Industries Inc.

Applications of Transparent Polymide for Flexible Electronics. 

Abstract : Polyimide(PI) has know to have wonderful mechanical and thermal properties. Thanks to those excellent properties, PIs have been believed to be a strong candidate for glass substrate replacement for displays. PI already has been used as a plastic substrate for AMOLED smartphone and watch. However, they have a limitation to broaden their application area in display field mainly due to their dark brown color.
We, KOLON, have been developing transparent, colorless PI(CPI tm) for the applications of flexible electronics. In this talk, some typical applications of CPI tm and its advantages over the conventional materials used in those applications will be introduced.

David Flattery
Global Business Manager of DuPont

Dr. Christopher J. Campbell
Adhesives Technology Manager of
Display Materials & System Division of 3M

Optically Clear Adhesives Enabling Flexible and Foldable OLED Displays

Abstract : Optically clear adhesives (OCA) have been used for more than a decade to bond rigid LCD and AMOLED displays for consumer electronics applications, offering optical, mechanical and electrical performance benefits. The performance requirements of an OCA to bond cover window, touch sensors, and circular polarizers in a plastic OLED display to bent coverglass or a flexible, foldable OLED display are drastically different from a flat, rigid device.

Dr. Shin
Light Polymers

InGui Park
Korea Technology Center Leader of Momentive

The Advantage of Silicone Buffer Coat Ink to Thin Film Encapsulation

Joohyun(Joo) Koh

Commercial Technology Director for High Performance Displays of  Corning Incorporated

Shaping the Flexible OLED Future: The Integral Role of Display Glass for Flexible OLED Panels. 

Abstract : As the market for flexible OLED devices grows, Corning’s high-performance display glass – Corning Lotus™ NXT Glass – answers an important need in the manufacturing process as the industry’s leading carrier glass substrate.

New Technology Discussions for Next Generation Display or Better Process

Dr. Andreas Haldi
Chief Marketing Officer of Cynora

Dr. Christopher Brown
Vice President of Products Kyulux

Dr. Jeong-Ik Lee
Assistant Vice President of ETRI

OLED Technologies for Advanced Flexibility.

Abstract : The trend for flexible displays needs more flexibility and even stretchability in OLEDs. To advance the flexibility of OLEDs, it is essential to reduce the thickness of every component in OLEDs. In that point of view, the graphene film grown by the CVD method is the best choice for transparent pixel electrodes of OLED displays. In this presentation, the largest OLED panel fabricated on Gen2 sized substrate and also the first flexible OLED panel using the graphene as transparent pixel electrodes will be disclosed.

Dr. Robert Jan Visser
Managing Director of Applied Materials

Equipment for the next generation OLED

Abstract : New generations of OLED will need higher resolution, thinner formfactor and better flexibility. We will give an overview of equipment from Applied Materials which will enable these trends to become true

Dr. Max Lemaitre
Vice President of Research of nVerpix

A Brief History of Time (to Commercialization): From the CN-VFET to AMOLET displays

Bo Magluyan
Product Marketing Manager of
Radiant Vision System

OLED measurement and demura system comprised of two high resolution imaging photometers

Abstract : I will explain why display supplier multiples have been so low, the outlook for the display supply chain and who are likely to be the winners and losers over the next 12-24 months.

Dr. Siebe van Mensfoort